Drafting and reviewing policies and contracts is needed for all agreements 

Published by Paragon Legal Services on 20th May, 2021

Employment contracts are sometimes used by employers to set out the terms and conditions under which an employee is hired. This would outline the nature of their relationship, their entitlements and duties of both the employer and the employee.


Policies should be properly reviewed and drafted so that any misunderstandings can be clarified with reference to the original document. It also helps to lay the boundaries within which parties must operate. For assistance with policy review and drafting, contact Paragon Legal Services.


Policies should always be written down and a copy should be given to the parties that are supposed to operate within its terms. In a company, an employer may wish to have certain policies and compliance terms under which employees are to work.


There may be some implied terms within a company or contract that was never written and a party may wish to have that drafted in light of recent circumstances. For example, an employee may not know what timeline constitutes reasonable notice since this may have been a problem, an employer may wish to draft a new policy for all of its current and new employees.

For all policy review and drafting in Ontario, you should consult with a qualified legal professional that can assist with this. Unwritten and unspoken terms that may not be as established as a company wishes they were, should be drafted and reviewed before being implemented.


Policies typically cover certain details which can include restrictions and limitations. These include but are not limited to changes in a contract, duties, remuneration, work location, reasonable notice periods and working with competing businesses, disclosure of company policies or businesses which are confidential.


If a policy is duly drafted and reviewed, it avoids being deemed to be invalid and there is no expectation that it can be misunderstood or used as an instrument of oppression in certain circumstances. More fulsome policies can work to the benefit and advantage of both parties as they can lay out restrictive and prohibitive terms under which they must operate.

Understanding what is accepted in the market for your company is also imperative when drafting and reviewing policies. Certain terms are commonplace in certain workplaces and types of business whilst others may be more taboo or unconventional.


For more information and assistance on policy reviewing and drafting in the Ontario area, you should consult with Paragon Legal Services to assist you.