Ways for Notarization

In-Person Notarization | Online Commissioning (Notary)

Ways for Notarization

In-Person Notarization

First Notarization: $50.00
Subsequent Notarizations: $15.00

Please note that we do not charge by the number of pages, documents, or the number of people signing. Rather, we charge by the number of times we Notarize, which means the number of times that we sign our signatures and apply our seals. The number of times we are required to sign is determined by you and the person or organization requesting your document, not by us.

Online Commissioning (Notary)

On March 16, 2020 the Law Society of Ontario changed some of its rules to enable to commission documents online through video and online signing platforms. This change was made to deal with the fact that many offices are closed, and it is not safe to meet with clients in person. That said, not all documents can be commissioned online. Please read more information about this below.

Documents cannot be notarized online because a notarization requires a notary to physically emboss your document with a seal. However, documents can be commissioned (i.e. signed by a commissioner of oaths). In many cases this is sufficient as a seal is not required (especially due to recent changes to Ontario Legislation and Law Society of Ontario Rules).