Admissibility means you may not be allowed to enter or stay in Canada

Published by Paragon Legal Services on 11th May, 2021

In Ontario and throughout Canada, inadmissibility may be on the grounds of a criminal offence which you committed in the past, health or financial reasons or misrepresentations that you were unaware of. This list is by no means exhaustive. In fact, there are many other grounds that you may be found inadmissible for entry for.


The term inadmissibility refers to persons who are neither allowed to stay or enter into Canada because they were previously convicted of a crime or some other serious offence. This incident may have occurred either inside or outside of Canada.

A qualified legal professional can help with advising on your inadmissibility.


At times, immigration officers can decide someone is medically inadmissible for excessive demand reasons. This means that they would require too much from the Canadian healthcare system without being able to contribute in excess financially to the economy.

You may qualify to submit a mitigation plan to assist you in pleading your case. At Paragon Notary and Paragon Legal Services, you can contact us for information.

If persons don't need any assistance from social services or outpatient prescription medications, then they will not receive a mitigation plant because they cannot opt-out of publicly-funded health services. Therefore, they are still medically inadmissible and may not be able to enter into Canada.


For someone who is criminally inadmissible, if there was a pardon for their crime or for some reason their record was wiped clean, the immigration department may or may not deem them inadmissible depending on the circumstances of each case.


Inadmissibility depends on the facts of each situation and it is best to consult with a qualified legal consultant or professional to understand where you stand in terms of coming into Canada legally and migrating.

Normally, if you are inadmissible, you would not be able to enter into Canada under their immigration law. However, if you have a valid reason to travel to Canada then you can be issued a temporary resident permit as circumstances can justify your visit.


There are many penalties involved when inadmissibility is an issue if you enter Canada without permission. Although an immigration officer may stop you at the point of entry from further proceeding into the country and into any province in particular.


A Canadian immigration officer decides if you are inadmissible or not and you can be denied an electronic travel authorization. Reasons for inadmissibility include:

  1. Espionage
  2. Subversion
  3. Violence or terrorism
  4. Human or international rights violations
  5. Crime
  6. Organized crime
  7. Medical reasons
  8. Financial reasons
  9. Misrepresentations
  10. Failure to comply with a provision

To find out more on how to overcome your inadmissibility into Canada, contact us at Paragon Legal Services today to speak with a qualified legal consultant and discuss.