The short answer is - a Notary Public but what exactly is it you may ask

Published by Paragon Notary on 13th May, 2021

You may see the requirement of a certified copy in many legal forms or you may have heard about it and are unsure as to what it is. Well, it is a supporting document to be submitted for clarification or documentation purposes. We at Paragon Notary can certify your copies. 

A certified copy is a an exact photocopy of a document that contains a statement made by someone who is qualified to affirm that they have seen the original document and the photocopy made matches it exactly and has not been altered in any way. 

In Ontario, a paralegal or attorney is automatically qualified to be a Notary Public who can sign and witness oaths and affidavits. At times, these services are necessary for government applications such as immigration forms or those submitted for study or work permits in Canada.

The provincial government in Ontario has allowed certain professionals to be given the authority to certify copies within certain fields of their work. For the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, certain professionals only can certify documents for immigration applications.

A Notary Public does not need to know you personally and at times may require a fee for their services. The only bar a person has to certifying a copy is that they cannot be a family member or related to the client in any way as this can compromise the integrity of the certification.  

Certified copies contain a written statement by the professional and is attached to the photocopy of the document. This statement includes the name of the original document, the date it was certified, the person's name and position that permits them to notarize it and their signature of authorization.

Some notary publics in Ontario may also put their contact information on a cover sheet so that they can be contacted if there is a query or issue with the certification. 

Some IRCC applications outside of Canada have strict rules for obtaining certified copies but in Ontario, it is best to contact a Notary Public who is authorized to witness oaths, affidavits and swear certified copies. This is especially necessary if steps are being taken to submit documents to the IRCC or federal government in general. 

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