Every year thousands of immigrants are imprisoned in correctional facilities across Canada


Published by Paragon Legal Services 22nd June, 2021


According to watch groups associated with international human rights and amnesty organizations, thousands of immigrants, including those with disabilities, are imprisoned, sometimes in deplorable conditions every year in Canada.

Some detainees would be held for non-criminal reasons but would be sent to maximum security prisons and even solitary confinement, not knowing when they would be released. Many are even handcuffed and shackled, under constant scrutiny from authorities, and searched and confined to small spaces with harsh schedules.


Persons with disabilities or mental illnesses are usually held in provincial jails rather than holding centres for refugees or immigrants, and experience discrimination throughout the process. More often than not, legally appointed agents make decisions for them, sometimes without permission. Contact our legal professional for advice if this has happened to you.

They’re not allowed to make their own decisions concerning their own legal matters. They frequently encounter obstacles when they are released, and must conform to harsher release regulations, which can again lead to detention, if authorities feel they breached the guidelines. 

Those fleeing political oppression or other types of persecution often entertain thoughts of suicide when they are held as there seem to be no hope or help forthcoming.  Even when they are no longer imprisoned, detainees are overcome with psychological depression months and years after, as their experiences have lasting impressions on their psyche.

It is alleged that when refugees are jailed in Canada, they are mixed with Canadian inmates and at times persons think they are terrorists. Unchecked exercise and abuse of powers has resulted in the violation of human rights repeatedly. Immigrants of colour seem to be subjected to longer periods of incarceration. Those from African countries are sometimes held for longer than 90 days.  Need assistance? contact a specialist at Paragon Legal Services.

Too often, immigrants experience human rights violations, racism and cruelty when trying to seek a better life for themselves and their families. Everyone should be treated like human beings, not held in facilities used for the enforcement of harsh crimes, like murders, rape, child molestation and the like. Punitive punishments should not be for immigration related detainees.

Canada is known for welcoming refugees and immigrants with open arms. At the beginning of the pandemic, conditions for immigrant prisoners became worse with limited access to phones and basic facilities, including regular showers.  Even the lockdowns were more common.

The mistreatment of immigrants, even those already in detention is far too regular and severe.  Depending upon where they are being held, they can be subjected to violence because of their environment.

Many suffer from trauma, stress, depression, anxiety and other mental and physical deterioration. In Ontario those with mental health conditions are put in provincial jails with little to no chance of being released; and almost always seem to end up right back in prison cells and not get the help they desperately need. Our legal expert can resolve this situation.