Canadian Notaries for the Provinces of B. C. and Quebec


Canadian Notaries for the Provinces of B. C. and Quebec


Canadian Notaries for the Provinces of B. C. and Quebec

Published by Paragon Notary on 8th July, 2021

Canadian notaries public (except in the Province of British Columbia and Quebec) are similar to their American colleagues, by and large regulated to administering oaths, witnessing signatures on affidavits and statutory declarations, providing acknowledgements, certifying true copies, et cetera.  Contact our legal professional to have your documents notarized.

British Columbia

In British Columbia, a notary public is more like a British or Australian notary. Notaries are selected for 

life by the Supreme Court of British Columbia and as a self-regulating career, the Society of Notaries 

Public of British Columbia is the principal organization overseeing and setting standards to maintain 

public confidence. A BC notary is also a commissioner for taking affidavits for British Columbia, by 

reason of office.

BC notaries however, have far greater power, they are able to bestow legal advice and draft public

instruments comprising: 

·        Notarization – notarizations/attestations of signatures, affidavits, statutory declarations, certified true copies, letters of invitation for foreign travel, authorization of minor child travel, execution/authentications of international documents, passport application documentation, proof of identity for travel purposes

·        Real estate law – home purchase/sale; business purchase/sale; mortgages and refinancing; residential, commercial, & manufactures home transfer of title; restrictive covenants & builder's liens

·        Wills & estate planning – preparation and searches of last wills and testaments, advance directives, representation agreements & power of attorney

·        Contract law – preparation of contracts and agreements, commercial lease and assignments

·        easements and right of way

·        insurance loss declarations

·        marine bills of sale & mortgages

·        marine protestations

·        personal property security agreements

·        purchaser's side for foreclosures

·        subdivisions & statutory building schemes

·        zoning applications

Contact Paragon Notary to assist with authentication and notarization of your legal documents.


In Quebec, civil-law notaries (notaires) are qualified lawyers licensed to practice notarial law and

regulated by the Chamber of Notaries of Quebec. Quebec notaries draft and prepare major legal

instruments (notarial acts), provide complex legal advice, represent clients (out of court) and make 

appearances on their behalf, act as arbitrator, mediator, or conciliator, and even act as a court 

commissioner in non-contentious matters. To become a notary in Quebec, an aspirant must hold a 

bachelor's degree in civil law and a one-year Master's in notarial law and serve a traineeship (stage

before being allowed to practice.

The notion of notaries public in Quebec does not exist. In its place, the province has Commissioners of 

Oaths (Commissaires à l'assermentation), who may administer oaths in Québec (and outside of Québec,if 

authorized), for a procedure or a document intended for Québec (or Federal matters). A Quebec

commissioner for oaths cannot certify documents or attest that a copy of a document is in accordance 

to the original; only a notaire can do it.  So if you must have your official papers notarized, contact

Paragon Notary, we can help.