High numbers of job vacancies in Canada persisted this past August with most Canadian job vacancies in the food services sector

Published by Paragon Legal Services on November 15th, 2021.

Job vacancies in Canada stayed above pre-COVID levels this past August particularly in sectors like food services. In a report by Statistics Canada there was an estimated 871,600 job vacancies the highest amount of the year.  This means there was an increase from the previous month when 805,500 job vacancies were reported.


The report added stated that while high job vacancies can be a sign of growing employment, this can also be an indicator of high turnover, labour shortages or mismatches between the characteristics of vacant positions and those of available workers. If you wish to work in Canada contact our consultant while there are still vacancies for you to explore!


It was noted that the accommodation and food services sector was still having a hard time trying to recover. Job vacancies were at an all-time high. Employers in this sector were vigorously recruiting for 156,800 jobs in August. Even though restaurants were allowed to reopen and there was an ease in public health restrictions, most employers found it challenging to recruit new or old staff. According to the Canadian Survey on Business Conditions, about 42 per cent of business reported they had at least one vacancy higher in August than they did before the pandemic.

A study on Canada’s labour market reported four reasons why the labour force growth is slowing. Baby boomers are leaving the labour market faster than new workers can replace them. Retirements are expected to remain high until at least 2026. Young people are taking much longer to complete their education and begin their careers. Although immigration helps compensate for the number of people leaving the labour force, it is not enough to maintain labour force growth.


The report states that Canada could add almost two million workers to the labour force if it better integrated youth, immigrants, and offering incentives for older workers to stay, like more workplace flexibility and phased retirement options. Our qualified certified expert can help you find the job to suit your needs today!


Restaurants are a people business and a large employment creator with almost 25% of the workforce finding their first job in the food service sector. Employees learn import skills like customer service, time management, problem-solving and teamwork; valuable skills that are transferable to other jobs. There is even room for promotion when you begin a career in the food service sector.


The restaurant industry is about more than entry-level jobs. It provides direct and indirect career opportunities in many different fields – from marketing and procurement to real estate and finance. You can even progress to opening your own bistro, bar or restaurant; or dream big and become a personal or celebrity chef.



            You can immigrate to Canada and become involved in the food sector industry today! Contact our certified professional consultant at Paragon Legal Services for advice and information on how to enter Canada’s growing workforce legally! You too can dream of working in Canada!