Certified court document reviewers possess specialized skills to analyze complex information relevant to a case

Published by Paragon Legal Services on 07th June, 2021

The legal document review process is considered to be one the most labor-intensive stages in litigation. Document reviewers understand the legal and factual issues which will greatly assist the legal team’s success when defending their clients.

The document review specialist team may analyze multitudes of documents on a daily basis for relevance which allows for easy location of key documents at every phase of the process. The review process often consists of several stages.

Through document review, analysis of the documents in the collection can help the reviewer get a better understanding of the relevant facts in the case.  The documents revised by the assessor will eventually represent only a small portion of the original collection.

Review specialists perform a page by page evaluation and analysis of the client’s physical documentation to determine its importance and which parts should be given to the opposing side. Because the documents are usually in large bundles the reviewer would sort through the information to reduce it to a practical applicable subset.

Keen attention to detail and proficiency is pertinent when reviewing an abundance of documents and data when working on a project. Large assignments can be quite daunting as they can include memos, power point presentations and other e-documents. There can also be more than one witness statement and affidavits, and other pertinent court documentation to be analyzed.

After the information is processed, a second more detailed review is conducted to determine which documents should or should not be produced to the disagreeing side.

Clients depend on these highly trained professionals to be efficient, trustworthy and reliable throughout every step of the document review process. The professional document review team can make the necessary judgment calls as to confidentiality, privilege, responsiveness and relevant after careful examination of court documents.

The collected information must also be summarized, tabbed, highlighted, accurately sorted and put together for easy retrieval.  These steps are very important to avoid potential mishandling which can be critical and useful to the opponent. Unnecessary disclosure can be a costly mistake to a client’s case as this can be deciding factor between winning and losing.

All this data collecting, revision and analysis allows the legal team to have a superior understanding of the factual topics, formulate legal theories and are better able to identify and evaluate which key elements would be useful in a case.

Certain recent case laws has placed significant potential personal liability on members of the legal fraternity for failing to produce documents responsive to a discovery request. Therefore, document reviewing has become very critical to almost every aspect of a case.

Do not permit inadequate revision of your legal documents to cause irreparable damage to your case. Contact Paragon Legal Services to get the most efficient and professional legal document review of your official papers.