Witnesses depend on their professional legal advisor to give them guidance on what to expect in a trial.

Published by Paragon Legal Services on 07th June, 2021

All aspects of a witnesses’ attitude is significant when preparing for a trial. Including their behavior, manner of dress and deportment.

Even if you have testified in a court of law before, as a witness you might still have feelings of anxiety before a trial. This is quite common.  Since most people may never give evidence as a witnesses in a trial, deposition, or other proceeding, they will invariably be nervous about their pending testament.

Your certified legal consultant should both prepare you and offer advice on what to expect.  Prepare by reading all of your affidavits and all the exhibits and any other related documentation carefully.

Groundwork is necessary in order to ensure that witnesses are ready to properly attest to the proof they give and the manner in which it will be presented. How the witness or witnesses present their evidence can either enhance or diminish the manner in which their testimony is presented.

Witness preparation by a qualified legal specialist will give the witness an idea of what to expect and how to act in such an unfamiliar and stress-filled environment. Thus making a well prepared and more effective testament. Any communication or discussions with your legal consultant is privileged information and should not be disclosed, whether it is verbal or written.

When giving your testimony, remember you are under oath. Don’t attempt to answer a question you do not understand. Think carefully and, if anything is unclear or confusing, say so immediately. Do not make any assumptions about the information being requested of you.

Only answer the questions asked – do not volunteer any information, even if you may think it necessary. Whenever possible, reply with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Your responses should always be audible. Do not nod or shake your head. Try to avoid fidgeting as this can cause a distraction.

Bear in mind the proceedings are being recorded and kept as court records. Deliberate wisely before you speak. What you say and how it comes across may have an impact as to the genuineness of your testimony.

If you do not remember or know something say so. Do not guess or speculate. Refrain from giving vague phrases. If you are unsure, speak with your qualified legal authority as soon as is convenient, for example during a break or recess.

Your personal appearance will make a good impression. As persons are usually judged by their apparel. Wear clean, neat attire. Do not wear extremely excessive jewelry. Keep a neat hairstyle.

You should always consult with your qualified legal professional and rely on the advice given on all legal matters.